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Our Guide to Buying a Motorhome

So, you want to buy a motorhome? 


We’re here to help you! Our motorhome sales department is well equipped to help you find the best motorhome for you and your needs. However, today we’re going to be sharing some advice for you to consider before you get started and take the first step towards purchasing. 


It’s a big purchasing decision, one that requires many different aspects to consider. Motorhome purchasing is the 2nd largest, after the family home, so careful decisions have to be made. We’re here today to help break down some of the frequently asked questions around buying a motorhome, and we hope to make the entire buying process just a little bit easier. 


Motorhome, campervan or caravan? 

There are different types of recreational vehicles out there, so you need to know which one is going to be the best option for you. There is not a massive difference between a campervan and a motorhome, except for the fact that motorhomes are generally larger. Campervans are usually built into smaller, conventionally-sized vans. 


There is a clear difference between a caravan and motorhome, as caravans are a lot smaller and towed behind a car - this is not an option with a motorhome! 


What layout? 

This is where it can get a bit confusing in regards to motorhome or campervan, as they are effectively the same thing - just a different size. 


Here are some of the options to consider: 

  • Class A: Top of the range, offering the most in comfort and luxury. These are an ideal option for those wanting extra space, whether that’s for a big family or just looking for the added leisure! 

  • Over-cab: These make use of the space by extending over the driver’s cab, offering a more permanent living space where a bed would usually fold out - ideal for families with small children!  

  • Low-profile: Similar to the over-cab, but you would normally find additional storage over the driver’s cab rather than a bed. Efficient and convenient, these are great for couples! 

  • Campervan: Small, sleek and compact, what they lack in luxury they make up for the solo traveller or the couple looking for more minimal travel.  


Brand new or pre-owned? 

There are clear advantages and disadvantages depending on whether you choose to buy brand new or a pre-owned option. For example, buying brand new allows you to customise features to your preferences, a manufacturer's warranty and the peace of mind that it’s not been driven before. However, this can be a more expensive option, depending on your circumstances. 


On the other hand, buying pre-owned can be more budget-friendly, even if it’s only a few months old! You can redecorate and rebuild however you’d like, customising in your own personal way. However, it’s important to remember that you may have to maintain/repair different parts, particularly if there are any underlying issues. 


What’s your budget? 

This links back to whether you want to buy brand new or second hand - it all comes down to your budget. Brand new motorhomes can very easily cost up to £100,000 and more, especially if it’s one of the latest models. 


Whilst we sell well-maintained pre-owned motorhomes that are cheaper than buying brand new, they’re still likely to be upwards of £60,000. 


Is motorhome life right for you? 

Ultimately, is purchasing a motorhome the right decision for you, or would you be better off renting? How often do you think you’re going to take it out for a trip? 


Having gone through some of these questions, and if you would like to move forward with buying your own motorhome, do not hesitate to get in touch


We’re more than happy to help advise you, finding the right brand new or pre-owned motorhome, or even helping with sourcing the right vehicle for you. 


Send us an email today at sales@abacusmotorhomes.co.uk or enquire via our website!