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Going Green on Your Motorhome Trip

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There is no hiding away from the impact that we have on our planet. The way we travel, the things we eat, everything that we do has an impact. It is so important that we look into the decisions that we make and consider the effect it has. There are so many things that we can all do on a daily basis and so here are some tips on how you can go green on your next trip. 


By going green, you’re actively making decisions that lead to more environmentally friendly actions and a sustainable lifestyle. Our actions have consequences, we want to minimise our impact on the planet and the environment as much as we possibly can.


Abacus Motorhomes are passionate about preserving the environment, we are a business that is striving to improve its effect on global emissions. Whilst the automotive industry is taking action to try and make improvements, we wanted to take action and so have partnered up with the local charity, Ringwood Actions for Climate Emergency (RACE). 


But with more on our role in going green later, let’s talk about how you can personally make a difference whilst on the road? Today we’ll be sharing some tips for making your road trip more sustainable! 


Plan your trip

By planning your trip in advance, you can avoid travelling unnecessary miles. This doesn’t mean compromising on your trip, you’ll still be able to take in great views along the way, but that extra bit of planning makes all the difference.


Pack light and take reusables

Only take what you need. Although our motorhomes have the room for it, try to pack light where you can. This will make an immediate difference on the carbon footprint, and also gives you the opportunity to live life with only what you need - it’s surprisingly freeing.


This also means taking advantage of reusable products. They’re reusable for a reason - you won’t need to take multiple disposable versions! 


Try going plastic-free

Similar to the end of our previous point, taking reusable products and going plastic free is easier than you may think. This includes making simple changes, such as reusable coffee cups for your morning brew, or plastic water bottles that take up unnecessary space. 


What are we doing to help at Abacus? 

You can make small changes to reduce your footprint on your trip, but how are we making a difference at the heart of the process? 


Plant a Tree Donation! 


As we said earlier, we’ve partnered up with the local charity, RACE, to inspire people to make a difference. We’re pleased to offer you the opportunity to help by making a donation to this charity! Every £2 donated will go towards planting and maintaining a tree, helping our local and global communities. As a business, Abacus has pledged to donate £1000 each month to support RACE and the fantastic work that they do.


Planting trees helps to contribute to three aspects of the world’s wildlife: air, water and biodiversity. As the biggest plants on the planet, they give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilise the soil and give life to the world's wildlife.


They make more of an impact on the world than you may think. 


So there we have it. Simple, yet highly effective changes that make an impact on our planet. On your next trip, make sure you’re going green. 


Because there’s a lot of beauty to see in the world. Let’s make sure we preserve that together.