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Abacus Motorhomes Sells First Adria Supersonic in the Country!


Here at Abacus Motorhomes, we’re proud to announce we have had the first sale and registration of an Adria Supersonic in the country! 


We are incredibly proud of this achievement from our sales department. As part of our running total of 11 Supersonic sales, we can now proudly announce that we have sold and registered the very FIRST Supersonic in the UK. 


What happened? 

On March 20th 2023, the very first customer drove away in their brand-new Supersonic motorhome, the first to be sold and registered in the UK, after dealing exclusively with us here Abacus Motorhomes. 


How did we get here? 

Since August 2021, we have rapidly developed our sales department and quickly expanded our extensive sales offering. Reaching Sonic dealer status in just a month cemented our independent motorhome dealership as an industry leader very early on in the sales process. 


When Adria announced the Supersonic model, a sleek, modern Mercedes model over the classic Fiat Sonic, we endeavoured to become involved. We quickly levelled up from Sonic to Supersonic dealer status, a quick development that had traditionally been unheard of! 


How have we cemented our roles as industry leaders? 

Since the initial announcement of the Supersonic, we’re proud to have continued to hold a pivotal role as an industry leading dealer: 

  • Became the first dealer in the UK to take a deposit for the Supersonic, even before any information about the new model was provided 

  • Became 1 of 7 exclusive Supersonic dealers in the country 

  • Sold 11 Supersonics, more than any other dealer in the country, and had the only model in the country on display in our Andover showroom 

  • Securing our position as an industry leading motorhome dealer, we are most recently responsible for the first sold AND registered Supersonic in the UK 


John Lailey, the member of Abacus Motorhomes staff responsible for overseeing the sale, notes: “We’re proud and privileged to announce we’re handing over the country’s first registered Supersonic!” 


So there you have it - first hand experience of our highly successful, and high quality sales department! 


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