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A Guide to Our Wash Bay Services


Today we’re going to be discussing the latest addition to our (already) extensive one-stop-shop… Our exciting new wash bay! 


Our purpose built wash bay facility was developed and built in early 2022. It features the latest state of the art chemicals and fixed machines, all within an enclosed building. This provides access through the front only, to protect both the vehicles and our technicians. 


We’re going to be covering everything you need to know about our wash bay. This includes what we can do not only for our motorhome range, but the services we can offer your vehicle whilst you’re away on your motorhome adventures! 


Introducing the Wash Bay 

Our wash bay facility is of the highest quality, featuring state of the art machinery and quality cleaning chemicals available. This has enabled us to offer the latest in cleaning techniques, all whilst operating in an enclosed, covered space. 


Additionally, the fully heated and air-conditioned dry preparation bay offers the best working environment for our highly trained operatives. We endeavour to keep our motorhome range sparkling and in the highest condition possible, but we also have the facilities to accommodate your vehicles too! 


Our Valeting Services 

As we have already introduced, the added value of our wash bay is that it enables us to offer our valeting services to our customers too - even if they are not hiring from us! 


We’re always looking to improve our customer experience, so we’re proud to offer a service to valet your car inside and outside, to a showroom quality condition. 


Although it’s free of charge to leave your car within our secure compound, we additionally offer bronze, silver and gold valeting packages to suit your needs. 


Bronze (Start from £35.00 plus VAT)

  • Wash and leather exterior

  • Clean wheels 

  • Door shuts wiped over

  • Vacuum interior including boot space

  • Dust the dash

  • Glass cleaned inside and out

  • Dress the tyres


Silver (Start from £55.00 plus VAT) 

Bronze package plus: 

  • Hand polish

  • External plastics dressed/treated


Gold (start from £85.00 plus VAT)

Silver package plus: 

  • Machine polishing of paintwork

  • Interior shampoo

  • Showroom finish


The Customer Journey 

So how does the entire process work? For someone who is hiring one of our motorhomes and leaving their car with us, the process will look something like the one we have detailed below. 


When you arrive to collect your motorhome, we will tag your vehicle and make a note of your requirements/package, whether that is the bronze, silver or gold package. From there we will digitally send all the necessary information over to our wash bay. 


We will aim to valet your vehicle the day before you come back, so that it’s in top condition for when you return! 


Please note that this process may look different if you are looking to directly valet your car with Abacus Motorhomes (without hiring one of our range). 


For more information on what we can do for you at our brand-new wash bay, do not hesitate to send us an email or call us. The wash bay is just the latest advancement and investment into our industry leading motorhomes HQ! 


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