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2022 - The Year for Motorhome Adventures


There’s no denying that 2021 was another strange and unprecedented year for us all. Upon reflection, we have high hopes for 2022 to make up for lost time and to explore the country and further! 


That’s why we are calling 2022 the year for motorhome adventures. What better way to make up for lost time than to explore the beautiful sites the UK has to offer, in the comforts of your own motorhome? 


That’s where we come in! 


At Abacus Motorhomes we have a number of high quality new and pre-owned motorhomes available, with an extensive knowledge of the industry that puts us in the ideal position to find you the perfect motorhome. 


We want to prepare you for the upcoming year, the year for motorhome adventures. Let’s waste no time and jump right in! 


Travel in style, comfort and luxury

If we’re making up for lost time in 2022, then spontaneity is going to be your best friend! Having your own motorhome means that you can travel wherever you want, whenever you want, in your own home away from home. 


Whatever your demographic is, a motorhome is a great opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. Whether that is experiencing life outdoors as a family, or a romantic getaway with your partner, these holidays are like no others in the comfort of your own space. 


Unlike renting, you can make your motorhome your own! Adding your personal, homely touches, make packing easier by storing things that you don't use in your day-to-day life - buying has so many benefits! 


Lastly, having your own motorhome means fun for all the family. No longer do you have to leave your four-legged friends behind when you go on holiday, not when you can take them with you. In some cases, you can take your pets with you if you rent, but buying gives you so much more freedom, in truly making the space your own.


Experience renting first 

While we have just explained why owning rather than renting has so much to offer, it is always a good idea to experience renting a motorhome first, so you know that buying is the right decision for you. 


Buying a motorhome is a significant decision and commitment, so you have to make sure it’s the correct one for you and your partner or family. Renting allows you to experience motorhome life without the commitment of buying it! It gives you the opportunity to live in a smaller space, living a completely different lifestyle. 


You do not want to jump right in without ever experiencing it before, otherwise, you risk making a mistake and making the wrong decision! 


Brand new or pre-owned? 

So now that you’ve committed to buying a motorhome, the next big decision is whether you buy brand new or pre-owned? 


There’s no doubt that buying a brand new motorhome will ensure that it comes with the latest technology and specifications, with no wear and tear guaranteed. However, cost is a significant factor that will undoubtedly affect the decision, one that you have to be completely invested in. We have stock of New Adria motorhomes, plus high-quality pre-owned motorhomes across a range of brands and sizes. 


That’s why the option of buying pre-owned is a great option, especially for a first-time buyer. By saving a significant amount of money, you are not compromising on style or luxury. 


At Abacus Motorhomes, all our pre-owned models are well-maintained, and come with: 

  • Carpets (where fitted) 

  • Toilet fresh up kit (new toilet cassette and toilet seat) 

  • 12 months warranty

  • Full service history 


As we have demonstrated already, we have an extensive knowledge of the industry, and we’re more than happy to assist you by discussing your options further. 


We can’t wait to see where you’ll go on your motorhome adventures this New Year!