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What to Bring on Your Motorhome Adventure


One of the amazing things about travelling in a motorhome is that it is your home from home. 


But even with a home from home, and like with any trip, you still need to pack the essentials. There’s nothing more annoying than getting out on the road, and 2 hours later realising you’ve forgotten your toothbrush! 


Today we’re going to be providing you with the ultimate motorhome holiday packing checklist, including what you will already receive in your motorhome, plus a number of optional extras if you choose them. One of the many perks of a motorhome is all the space available on your travels, so make sure you fill it with the essentials. 


With summer around the corner, let’s jump right in so you know you’re prepared! 


The basic essentials

Naturally, many of the items we’re going over today will cross between the two holiday seasons, so we will only cover a few of the all-year-round basics, such as toiletries, electronics and base layer clothes.


At the top of the list are the irreplaceable, important documents that you need to bring. After all, most things can be purchased along the way, but you can’t replace some of these things as easily: 


  • Drivers licence 

  • Passport

  • Insurance 

  • Motorhome documents 

  • Money 

  • Keys 

  • Tickets/campsite information


Without these absolute essentials, your holiday might get off to a rough start…


For a Summer staycation 

The UK doesn’t get drastically hot or tropical, but we would definitely recommend this list, especially if you’re camping and walking in fields and grass areas. 


  • Suncream 

  • After sun or aloe vera 

  • Bug spray 

  • Shorts 

  • A hat 

  • Sunglasses 

  • Swimwear 

  • Sandals or flip flops


For a Winter getaway 

Within the UK, it’s more likely that you’ll be travelling in some sort of cold weather, so it’s important to be prepared! 


  • Raincoat

  • Jumpers

  • Hat, scarf and gloves 

  • Boots 

  • Lip balm 

  • Frost scraper 


Our included extras

At Abacus Motorhomes, we’re proud to include up to £250 worth of extras within the price (based on a 7-night hire). 


Here are just a few things you can expect to find in your motorhome when you hire with us: 


  • Dinner plates, cutlery and mugs 

  • Kitchen utensils, such as frying pan and spatula, saucepan, chopping board and more! 

  • Dustpan and brush 

  • TV with DVD player 


The list goes on! For the full list, make sure you visit our ‘Included Extras’ section via our website. 


Make life easier with our optional extras too 

That’s not all we offer… You can choose to add a number of optional extras to your trip to make life easier, from insurance to motorhome comforts: 


  • Twin or double bedding pack 

  • Microwave oven 

  • Picnic table and chairs \

  • Towel pack 


Again, make sure you visit our ‘Optional Extras’ section via our website for the full breakdown! 


So, that list seems pretty intense, right? We understand that everything might not apply to your holiday situation, but it’s great to know these things before planning ahead! 


Deciding what activities you’ll be doing on your holiday helps to cut down your packing list drastically. On that note, our final piece of advice would be to make sure you plan extensively, to construct your own motorhome adventure essentials list.