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Luxury Motorhomes Available For Sale at Abacus Motorhomes

Are you looking to purchase your own motorhome? 


Here at Abacus Motorhomes, we have a wide range of motorhomes available for sale. Whether you’re looking to purchase brand new or pre-owned, we guarantee that we’ve got something for you. 


Today we’re going to be covering our motorhome sales in more detail, discussing the different models we have available, the different price ranges, and our position as official sellers for the leading, established brands: Adria and Swift. 


If you would like more information on motorhome sales, you’re certainly in the right place! 


New Adria motorhomes 

Adria have a distinct reputation for quality, reliability, and durability, using proven automotive manufacturing techniques.  


For over 50 years, Adria have been designing and manufacturing leisure vehicles. With world class manufacturing, they have the most advanced production facilities in the industry, ISO 9001, 14001 & EFQM 5 star certified for business excellence, quality management & environmental standards. 


Here at Abacus Motorhomes, we have Adria models such as the Sonic, Matrix and Twin available for sale. Designed for living, and designed to perform, Adria excels in the motorhome industry, and you will certainly benefit from this. 


New Swift motorhomes 

Providing outstanding choice, Swift’s inspiring motorhomes deliver sensational looks, equipment and value. With a variety of models - 7 ranges, from 2 berth campervans to 6 berth motorhomes - it's time we helped you to discover your ideal mobile home on four wheels.


Explore our range of award-winning Swift motorhomes, available right here at Abacus Motorhomes. With models such as the Voyager, Kontiki and Escape, you can be certain that you’ll travel in comfort, great style, all at a great value for money. 


Pre-owned motorhomes 

Not only do we have brand new motorhomes for sale, we also have an extensive pre-owned range of motorhomes. These are high quality, yet more affordable options if you’re looking to purchase your own motorhome. 


Within this range, we also sell a selection of other motorhome brands, opening up the choice to you as a potential buyer. As a first time buyer, this is a great place to start looking as there is a wide range of options available! 


Sourcing and advice 

Similarly, we can help to advise you or source certain motorhomes for you! 


If you’re in the position where you would like to purchase a motorhome, but are unsure where to begin, we can help you along the way. 

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales team via our phone number, 01264 319990, or our email, today!