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Buy a Dometic Air Conditioner

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The Dometic range includes three different types of air conditioners in two differnet categoires that means we can offer a matching climate solution for every size of vehicle.

Size of Vehicle:

Not all vehicles are compatible with every type of air conditioner.

The insulation strengths of individual models can vary and so we recommend speaking to our service centre for the best advice according to your specific vehicle.

A vehicle’s length also influences air conditioner choice; powerful units being needed for large internal spaces. In some cases, more than one unit is needed.

Rooftop Air Conditioners:

  • FreshJet roof air conditioners
  • FreshLight roof air conditioners integrating a window

Rooftop air conditioners are positioned over the window on your vehicle’s roof. For installation, the roof must be flat and have sufficient space.

Other considerations:

  • Storage: it does not use any valuable storage space inside your vehicle. This is particularly beneficial to owners of smaller vehicles with limited internal space.
  • Light: given its position over a window, rooftop units can obstruct natural light. Unless of course you purchase a rooftop unit with an integrated window! (FreshLight)
  • Distribution: choose between an air distribution box or, for wider, more targeted distribution, a ducting system.
  • Clearance: it will add to your vehicle’s height - however, with a sleek, low-profile rooftop model you’ll barely notice the difference.
  • Heater: since heat rises, rooftop units aren’t optimally placed to heat your vehicle.

Underbench Air Conditioners:

  • FreshWell underbench air conditioners

An under-bench air conditioner is located inside the vehicle – under a bench or in a compartment. It is ideal if your vehicle’s roof is curved or crowded with other devices.

Other considerations:

  • Storage: you will lose internal storage space to accommodate the air conditioner.
  • Light: windows are unaffected, meaning it won’t block natural light.
  • Distribution: always via a ducting system, allowing a wide distribution of cool air to multiple rooms of your choice.
  • Clearance: your vehicle’s clearance height is not affected.
  • Heater: its low installation position makes it more effective as a heater.

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