Habitational Check Servicing Schedule

Abacus take pride in our levels of service, for your peace of mind our complete checklist carried out on all habitational checks is below:


  • Body to chassis mountings - check security
  • Cab to body junction - check
  • Underbody auxiliaries - check
  • Spare wheel retainer - check operation and lubricate
  • Corner steadies and folding steps (where applicable) - check operation and lubricate
  • Chassis - lubricate axle tube (AL-KO) and inspect non-original suspension components

12V Electrics

  • 12N and 12S plugs/cables (where applicable) - check condition and test
  • Road lights and reflectors - check condition and operation
  • Fridge - check operation
  • Interior lighting and equipment - check operation
  • Habitation battery (where fitted) - check operation, security, electrolyte level and lubricate terminals
  • Wiring earths and fuses - inspect condition and correct fuse rating
  • Awning lights and outside pump socket - check condition and operation
  • Fan master - test


  • Ventilation openings - check for obstruction and free flow of air
  • Adjustable ventilators - check for function
  • Roof lights - check to ensure free of obstructions

Gas (fridge not serviced unless requested)

  • Regulator - check performance
  • Carry out gas leak test
  • Appliances (including water heater, cooker, heating and fridge) - check operation
  • Pipe work - check operation and replace flexible hose and clips when necessary
  • Flame failure device - check operation
  • Cylinder - check security
  • Gas dispersal holes - check for blockage

Mains Electrics

  • Inlet plug, hook up cable (when available), earth bonding and RCD operation - check
  • Outlets and permanent connections - carry out visual and functional check

Water System

  • Water pump, pressure switch and heater - check operation and clean grit filter
  • Taps, micro-switch, valves, pipes and tank (if fitted) - check condition and operation
  • Water filter and housing - check for leaks and replace filter if necessary
  • Waste system - check for leaks
  • Toilet - check seals, flush and blade operation
  • Drain down - winter only

Fire Safety

  • DIY additions - check operation and safety
  • Security and smoke alarms - check operation
  • Extinguisher (if fitted) - check correct type fitted and expiry date
  • Fire blanket (if fitted) - check location and fixing


  • Body panels - check and report on any damage and sealant condition
  • Door locks and hinges - check operation and lubricate
  • Body attachments - check security (including ladders, cycle racks, lockers, aerials, satellite dishes, etc)
  • Floor - check for delamination
  • Cab seat - check operation (swivel type and bed configuration only)
  • Furniture - check condition and operation (including hinges, stays, etc)
  • Window seals and blinds - check operations and condition
  • Rising roof - check operation (where applicable)
  • Damp test - carry out and note readings on separate report

If you have any special requirements for gas please contact us, as it's very likely we will be able to help you!

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